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Yoga & Meditation Workshops

These are half day workshops held twice a year at Holcombe Village Hall or at another local venue.

The workshops are an opportunity for experienced practitioners to have some extended posture work followed by a variety of guided meditation practices to include a walking, sitting and lying meditation. The workshops focus on learning new practices that helps to take you deeper into your experience of yoga & meditation.

Each workshop will have a theme or focus on a specific pranayama and /or meditation practice

We have a shared lunch which gives the group an opportunity to meet new people and get to know each other.

Yoga & Pranayama Monthly Workshops

Dates planned: Sunday 5th May 2019

10:00 – 2:00pm

Derekthedog Yoga studio in Exeter ( we will arrange a lift share, the studio is very near Central station )

£30 (Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share)

This monthly class will focus on pranayama breathing practices to take you deeper into simple yoga postures. This is an opportunity to explore different breathing techniques together with enhancing your concentration skills. The session will include mindfulness meditations and a relaxation practice.

Holcombe Village Hall is a quiet beautiful location from which there are stunning views of the nearby fields and hills.

Please bring your own mats and blankets. Blocks and belts will be provided.

For more information please contact Sharon


Quotations & Readings

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